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Coronado beach Family christmas Photos

San Diego Family Photographer | San Diego Christmas Photos
San Diego Family Photographer | San Diego Christmas PhotosSan Diego Family Photographer | San Diego Christmas Photos
San Diego Family Photographer | San Diego Christmas Photos
San Diego Family Photographer | San Diego Christmas Photos

This was a quick and easy mini session, but it made such a big impact. Sometimes you can squeeze so much magic into such a few quick minutes. This session took place just before sunset on Coronado Beach. This particular family photo session was about a week after Thanksgiving and we had the beach all to ourselves which is such a rarity. You wouldn’t know it from the warmth of this family’s love, and the glow of golden hour, but it was actually pretty chilly a the beach. It was a bit windy too! That didn’t stop us from having a great time and capturing some magic. Being playful and open to being casual in front of the camera is the secret to getting authentic emotion filled photos about these. 

Another great part about this shoot was how well this family styled their outfits. You can see how everything coordinates, but doesn’t match. That’s a really hard concept to nail- and they did it. Mom’s dress also has wonderful movement which is always something I look for when styling.  

Here are a few tips to get the most out of your San Diego beach photoshoot.

Scheduling is really important, and so is location. Sometimes those things can align, but sometimes they can’t, and there has to be some give and take. 

Let me give you an example- 

The beach can be a difficult situation with light. Light is the key to photos. More than the location, the outfits, the poses. It’s all about the light. The beach can be a difficult lighting situation. That picture perfect beach day- bright midday sun and not a cloud in the sky? That is the opposite of what I’m looking for. I always schedule beach shoots at sunrise or sunset to take advantage of the most flattering light- aka golden hour. For families with small children naps and bedtime can sometimes be a dealbreaker. (Hey, I get it. My first kid was a horrible sleeper and when we finally established a schedule that worked I took it very seriously.) You know your child, and if we can push their bedtime, or if they would be ok getting woken up early from a nap. If golden hour timing doesn’t work for your schedule there are lots of other great spots that have more flexibility with timing.

Next up for beach shoots- The tide. San Diego has two high and two low tides a day. Normally one early in the morning, and one in the late afternoon/evening. Sometimes there are magic days where low tide lines up with sunset. When that happens- you pounce on that. Low tides are so special because of the reflections that the water creates. You also have the opportunity to play around in the surf a little. Splash around when the water is ankle deep without getting completely drenched, which makes for such a fun shoot with both authentic photos and memories. There is a silver lining if the tide chart isn’t in your favor and your date isn’t flexible, Coronado can still be a great option. Other San Diego beaches disappear completely at high tide, but Coronado still has lots of sand. 

San Diego is full of amazing beaches. Scripps has the pier, Torrey Pines has the cliffs, OB has the hippies, and Coronado has The Del. The Hotel Del Coronado (‘The Del’ for short) is the iconic historic hotel that opened in 1888. The Del has hosted illustrious guests from celebrities to presidents and its brunch is the stuff of legends. Its red peaked roofs are instantly recognizable, making it a popular spot for photos. 

That leads me to my next tip- day of the week. All San Diego beaches are popular especially during the summer, but Coronado Beach tends to be one of the most popular. For this reason, I generally stay away from Coronado on weekends, especially during the summer months. The one workaround is if you’re up for getting up with the sun (or before). This can actually be an ideal time for families with small children. Lots of younger kids burn out and can end up overstimulated by the end of the day. The morning might just be the perfect time for your photos. 

Ready to book your San Diego photo session? Let’s create some beautiful memories! 



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