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I am so glad that I took tons of photos while I was pregnant. I still love looking back at my bump pictures. It’s such an incredible thing to hold life inside you- I can’t properly describe it. Pregnancy goes by fast, and for me after 36 weeks it got physically pretty tough. I know that every pregnancy is different, but everyone i’ve ever met ends up feeling huge and uncomfortable at the end. I’m so thankful that I had already taken my maternity photos. When planning your own maternity shoot I suggest scheduling the date for sometime between weeks 28 – 34. (Sidebar- this time frame is also a great time to get a 3D ultrasound. Baby is big enough to see their cute little features- but after 34 weeks thing get just a little crowded and squished, so its hard for the tech to get a good look.) Pregnancy is such an incredible thing- and even if you don’t feel it- it is so beautiful. If you’re on the fence about having maternity photos taken, you have to do it!! You’ll always regret the thing you didn’t do. So take a day and pamper yourself, dress up, and bask in it. You are a force of nature who is growing a baby and that is beautiful.

These photos were taken during a friend’s baby shower when we did an impromptu shoot. She was literally glowing. Her ah-mazing dress is from asos. If you haven’t checked out their website it has a really great maternity section. Tip: order two sizes whenever you are shopping for maternity clothes online. It’s tough to try to figure out what size you will be, or how a brand will fit.

If you aren’t up for a professional shoot- make sure you at least take one photo a month. These photos are wonderful addition to any baby book or album you will put together.

San Diego Maternity Photographer | San Diego Maternity Photos
San Diego Maternity Photographer | San Diego Maternity Photos
San Diego Maternity Photographer | San Diego Maternity Photos


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